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Don't forget Sophie, Phoebe, and Raphael

Wendy preparing for Red Nose Day 2003.

Stone Carving

"Well done to the 5 dusty troopers who took part in this weekends stone carving course. As you can see, we created 5 very good pieces over the course of the weekend. It is always interesting to see what ideas they bring with them on the saturday morning, Jonathan’s hugging sculpture, Carol’s dove, Robert’s intricate “eye of Udjat” and Martin’s large abstract wobbly piece were all reasonably achievable in 2 days, however Wendy, as ever (this was her 3rd visit) decided that carving a single block of stone was just not for her. So, after much scouring of the stone yard we decided to construct a series of 3 interlocking pieces. The end product was a huge success I thought. She used 2 triangular stones and a larger square block on the bottom top support them. Once assembled, she then spent Sunday practicing and then carving inscriptions into each stone, altogether quite impressive. Equally impressive was the dedication of the other four chiselers who stuck manfully to their task despite sore wrists and aching arms. All worth it in the end though as everyone just about put the finishing touches to their sculptures at around 5 o’clock, loaded up their dusty sculptures into their cars and returned home, calling in at a convenient supermarket to collect a tube of Deep Heat and a bottle of Radox of course."
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